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Dye Garden Seed Set | Lesley Darling Fiber
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Dye Garden Seed Set

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Dye Garden Seed Set

*Sold out for 2021. Weld available in limited amounts under separate listing.*

A collection of seeds to start your very own dye garden!

Each envelope is hand-stamped and contains plenty of seeds to grow your dye plants. Each set includes marigold, weld, and black hollyhock.

Weld has been used for hundreds of years to produce beautiful, light- and wash-fast yellows. Sow the seeds in freshly turned, open ground after last frost. Since weld grows a taproot, it is not as keen to be transplanted. If growing in a container, make sure they have lots of space and can grow a deep root. Cut the plant tops off when flowering to dry or process immediately for dye. These are excellent self-sowers, and can grow to be quite tall depending on your conditions. Suitable for most climates.

Marigold can be started early indoors or directly sown after first frost. You can also plant these in pots or containers. Harvest the flowers as they bloom (I let the pollinators visit them for a couple days before harvesting). Freeze or dry the blooms, and at the end of the season, cut the green plant tops to use for dye as well!

A gorgeous, tall, and super-dark bloom great as an eco-print or stamped flower. Push seed into dirt 2 weeks after last frost. Tolerates drought well, and suitable in most climates. As a biennial, the first year will yield only greenery, and the second you will be rewarded with tall, black flower stalks up to 5'! Flowers also make a great edible garnish for cakes etc.

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