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Silk Ribbon | Lesley Darling Fiber
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Silk Ribbon

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Silk Ribbon

For headbands, bouquets, playsilks, sashes, or luxe packages... There's nothing like the drape of pure silk ribbon!

This satin ribbon is 2 inches wide and cut on the bias, which means it has a subtle raw edge but won't fray long threads (you can coax out the edges if you'd like a more wild look!). The satin has a marvelous sheen, and the colors shift beautifully in the light.

Each length of dyed ribbon is wound on a wooden spool hand-stamped with the Lesley Darling monogram - and if you become a repeat customer and send back the empty spools, you can even get a spool return discount!

Plain white ribbon is also available for those wishing to dye their own - please note that undyed ribbon will not come on a wooden spool.

*The current batch of Gold is less orangey than the picture sampled.*

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