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Yarn Dye Kits | Lesley Darling Fiber
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Yarn Dye Kits

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Yarn Dye Kits

Curious about dyes but not sure where to start? Or know someone who can't get enough yarn? Look no further! Kits contain everything you need, including mordant, dye, yarn, and instructions! Comes in a hand screen-printed bag, which doubles as a handy dye sieve or gift bag.

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Dyes and Colors on Offer:

Madder: yields reds, corals, pinks
Osage / bois d'arc: yields golds, hand harvested locally and processed in NE.
Eucalyptus: khaki to rust red; use distilled water for reds. Grown locally in NE.
Tagetes + iron: mossy green, organic-practice grown and harvested in NE.

Yarn Types on Offer:

Single Ply Worsted: 50 g / 90 yd (made in NE)
Single Ply Bulky: 100 g / 90 yd (made in NE)
3-Ply Fingering: 50 g / 240 yd

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