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About the Business

Our Values

Environmental resiliency for our planet through traditional skills.  |  We teach and share traditional skills in personal and commercial practice to contribute to the environmental resiliency for the planet.  It worked for 50,000 years, it can work again today.

Folk traditions across the globe unite us We have more in common than we know.  Anti-racist practice is inseparable from any craft process, and we work to celebrate, honor, and amplify fellow indigenous and makers of color.

Accessibility is one of our founding tenets.  |  Natural fibers, dyes and access to learning will ALWAYS be available to hard working young people and our elders alike.  Any concerns of financial access, identity, disability, and more, will always be handled with the utmost respect.  Reach out with questions or if you need assistance accessing our work.

Small business growth will not come at the expense of our planet.  |  We limit and ditch plastics as much as feasibly possible.  We pay more for plastic-free, 100% PC Recycled stickers and tape.  We aren't here to make waste, but a brighter future rooted in traditional materials for life today.

In Action

We make regular donations to local indigenous led-and-run organizations, including non-profits such as: Blue Heron Inipi, providing ceremonial resources to our Native community; and StrongHearts Native Helpline, a cuturally-relevant helpline whose mission is mission to restore power to Native Americans impacted by domestic violence by weaving together a braid of safety, sovereignty and support.  In the past we have made donations to Oaxacan Dizxa Organic Wool Farm, Lincoln Malone Center and other groups, as well as individuals out in the world requesting financial assistance. 

Our collaborations with artists are led with respect, mutual prosperity, and compensation.

We pay above-standard prices for recycled-only shipping materials, stickers, and beyond.  Our printers are all based in our local economy, keeping dollars in the pockets of our neighbors.  We specifically seek out partnerships that align with our values, even if it costs more than the "easy" or online option.