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Bio | Lesley Darling Fiber
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From raw materials to finished product, using contemporary and historical techniques.

Hailing from the Great Plains, Lesley’s passion for fiber and folk life has led her on quite the journey: from Northern folk schools to volunteering with rare-breed sheep in Wales; weaving in the attic studio of village elders who speak a dying language that predates modern Swedish; and being spooked by bears in Appalachia while dye-hunting, to name a few. 

In addition to growing and conscientiously foraging natural dyes, she practices historical and regional knitting, weaving, and yarn spinning.  When teaching courses, she loves to work with beginners and advanced students with humor while sparking their curiosity for fiber and folk culture.

She has worked alongside renowned knitter Nancy Bush learning Estonian techniques, dyed with Shetland’s textile historian Elizabeth Johnston, assisted Appalachian wonder Martha Owen, and teaches workshops throughout the Midwest. 

Contact me with all your questions, or to bring me to your village!